Sitting atop a majestic cape, overlooking Banderas Bay, Le Kliff Puerto Vallarta has been one of the area’s most popular restaurants ever since opening its doors back in 1983.  And, the views are spectacular, high above the sea.  Also, the unusual open architecture is pleasing to the senses as you take in nature at its best.  So, you’ll never want to leave after being mesmerized by the views.  But what about the cuisine?  Prepared by local chef Everardo Robles, every plate is a delicious work of art.

Along with exquisite international cuisine, Le Kliff offers a customer experience like no other restaurant.  There, the carefully selected staff practices high standards of customer service and professionalism to optimize your total experience.  So, read more to learn about the highlights of this magical location.

Located about 20 minutes drive south of Puerto Vallarta, Le Kliff is perched between Mismaloya Beach and Boca de Tomatlan.  And, to learn more about the great beaches of Puerto Vallarta, check out 10 Puerto Vallarta beaches: Come see the assortment of sand along Banderas Bay.

The view atop the majestic cape

When you dine at Le Kliff Puerto Vallarta, walk out onto the ocean-side terraces to watch the humpback whales and giant manta rays that inhabit Banderas Bay every year from December through April.  And, enjoy the panoramic ocean views all-year-round.  Plus, the majestic Sierra Madre mountain backdrop flows with green tropical forest all the way down to the coastline, where cliffs and rock formations along the bay dazzle the eyes.

Le Kliff Puerto Vallarta accolades

Over the years, Le Kliff has been accumulating some very notable accolades from various sources.  For example, they ranked among the top-10 fine-dining restaurants in all of Mexico.  Also, they were awarded a Five-Star Diamond rating both in 2008 and in 2009.  Therefore, read below to uncover some specifics about these amazing accolades.

Trip Advisor recognized Le Kliff Puerto Vallarta

Trip Advisor has recently recognized Le Kliff among the  “10 Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Mexico 2017”.  Considering the number of great restaurants throughout Mexico, that’s quite an accolade indeed.  And, to share an example of some previous customer feedback on Trip Advisor’s review of Le Kliff Puerto Vallarta, Karen M from Kimberly, Idaho wrote:

“Unforgettable dining experience!  Everything is perfect… the view, the setting, the staff and the food. We had an amazing time with Carlos and Bulam (AKA Jaguar). Make sure you save room to try the flaming coffee!”

Featured in Mexicana Airline’s in-flight magazine

Another flattering accolade is the fact that Le Kliff Puerto Vallarta was featured by Mexicana Airline’s in-flight magazine as “The Most Beautiful Restaurant in Mexico” back in March of 2006.  And, since natural beauty is part of what makes lasting memories, this unique fine-dining establishment will provide you with the experience of a lifetime.

Awarded by The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences

Le Kliff was also awarded The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences’ Five-Star Diamond rating both in 2008 and in 2009.  In other words, they know how to make you feel like the center of their world when you dine there.

Le Kliff offers Cutting-edge cuisine

le kliff puerto vallarta cuisine

Their menu features unique and innovative molecular cuisine.  This is a food science that investigates the physical and chemical transformations of ingredients that occur in cooking.  Le Kliff includes various types of tasty foam and spheres that garnish many of their plates.  Also, Chef Robles uses the “sous vide” technique or “under vacuum” cooking, which is perfectly executed with the freshest seafood and the delicious flavors and sumptuous textures of fresh local ingredients.

Chef Robles has been leading the kitchen at Le Kliff for over 10 years now.

Weddings & events at Le Kliff Puerto Vallarta

le kliff puerto vallarta wedding terrace

Le Kliff Puerto Vallarta provides the perfect backdrop for tropical seaside weddings and ceremonies.  And, their talented wedding specialists will help you create your celebration of a lifetime.

Puerto Vallarta real estate

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