If you’re planning to visit Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, or if you’re currently staying there, it’s a good idea to confirm where to find quality, affordable medical care before you need it.  And, when you know what to expect, it’s much easier to deal with medical issues if they arise.  Therefore, read on to learn just how wonderful and inexpensive Puerto Vallarta medical care really is.

To begin, Puerto Vallarta medical care is a lot cheaper than equivalent services in the United States.  And to be specific, it usually costs well under half the price.  Also, the quality is very similar if you know where to go.  So, check out the top-four Puerto Vallarta medical-care facilities listed below.  Then, read about the Mexican health-care system and how to be prepared in case you have a medical issue while you’re in beautiful Puerto Vallarta.

Top four Puerto Vallarta medical care centers

Puerto Vallarta has quite a few well-equipped medical centers and hospitals to choose from.  And, most of the Puerto Vallarta medical-care centers are staffed with highly-trained, certified physicians who carry credentials from both the United States and Mexico.  Also, most of the staff at each location is bi-lingual.  So, you don’t have to worry about communication issues.

Below are the top four medical-care centers in Puerto Vallarta:

#1 Vallarta Medical Center

puerto vallarta medical


At the top of the list is Vallarta Medical Center, the best option in Puerto Vallarta for medical, surgical, and hospital care.  They comply with the highest quality standards and they posses a great ability to resolve just about any medical issue you may have.

The staff at Vallarta Medical Center consists of medical personnel, paramedics, and various specialists that are all ready to serve you.  And, their highest priorities are ethics, professionalism, and quality.  Hence, you can be assured that they’ll focus on making you feel comfortable and pain-free during your stay.

Vallarta Medical Center has modern facilities and cutting-edge medical equipment to provide you with a fast and comprehensive assessment.  Also, they aim to provide you with an appropriate and timely diagnosis.  Furthermore, they offer individualized management for each patient and each and every illness.

#2 Hospiten Puerto Vallarta

Located between the International Airport and Marina Vallarta, Hospiten comes in second on the list.  And, this Puerto Vallarta medical-care center boasts an international network with locations throughout Mexico, Spain, and the Caribbean islands.  There, you can expect the best and the most extensive medical services and equipment.  From Cardiology and Pediatrics, to Cosmetic surgery and Urology, their list of services truly is extensive.  Therefore, whatever your medical issue may be, chances are, Hospiten will provide everything you need and more.

 “We have used this hospital’s lab services over the years but never needed more. During this trip, they took fine care of my wife who needed urgent care and a night in the spotless hospital. Every single person provided professional, helpful and friendly service. The patient rooms are large, nice large couch for spouse naps, and constant nurse attention. They made sure to quickly send scans and test results to her US physician. They are truly caring. I am so grateful for their fine care.” – John from Seattle

#3 Hospital San Javier Marina

First opened in November of 2000, Hospital San Javier Marina was the first Puerto Vallarta medical care center to offer comprehensive hospital services in Puerto Vallarta, according to their website.  There, you’ll find state-of-the-art medical technology, an excellent Intensive Care Unit, and the only Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in an accredited private hospital in Puerto Vallarta and along Banderas Bay.

I ended up in the hospital during a weekend vacation and I’m so happy I was cared for by the professionals at San Javier. From the nurses, imaging technicians, doctors and staff, everyone was extremely friendly and courteous. There was MAYBE one person that didn’t speak english… so it was great to feel cared for and understood. Their facilities were lovely and their imaging devices were all in very good condition.” – Roya from Washington

#4 Hospital CMQ Premiere

This award-winning Puerto Vallarta medical-care center is located along the Riviera Nayarit, on the south side of Vallarta.  And, it’s considered to be the leading hospital in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit.  Below, read how they describe their hospital on the main page of their website:

“Hospital CMQ Premiere in Puerto Vallarta is widely recognized for its outstanding quality and patient-centered care, and as the leading hospital in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit. With state-of-the-art facilities and the best physician group, Hospital CMQ Premiere has been setting the highest standards in clinical care since 2008. As the most comprehensive medical center in Banderas Bay, CMQ Premiere is the only hospital in the city capable of providing the most complex medical services, such as Heart Surgery, Peritoneal Dialysis, Nephrology, ICU Intensive Care, Cath/Angio Lab, Cardiovascular Surgery and Neurosurgical Care.”

Mexican Medical Care System

The following applies to Mexico as a whole.  Therefore, this is what you can expect from Puerto Vallarta medical services:

How it works…

Only Mexican citizens and legal immigrants can get benefits from the national health care system in Mexico called “Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social.” Therefore, you need to possess full medical travel insurance, in order to be covered.  Otherwise, you can face quite large medical bills, including charges for ambulance services.  And, they may not allow you to leave Mexico until your medical bill is completely paid.

Medical care plans from the USA

Chances are, your existing medical insurance doesn’t cover you in Mexico.   Therefore, make sure you check with your insurance provider before you leave the United States.  You may add international coverage to your existing plan, or just purchase a travel insurance policy to cover you and your family for the duration of your time within Mexico.

Ensure that your policy covers emergency services like ambulance and ICU.  Also, be sure to confirm coverage for flight services just in case you need an air-lift back to the United States.  Flight expenses are very high, so prepare for the worst.  But then, stay safe during your visit to Puerto Vallarta to avoid injuries in the first place.

Puerto Vallarta medical-care payments

Regardless of your insurance, you’ll probably be required to pay a deposit upfront.  Then, you’ll receive a reimbursement from your provider after a few days.  So, confirm this with your provider and maintain ample funds in your bank account or credit card, just in case.

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