At David Pullen Properties, we have had the pleasure of working with Josh Rappaport, who is a mortgage broker and the owner of Cross Border Investments. Josh is originally from Canada and has many years of experience within the Mortgage and financing business in Mexico.Many foreigners who to decide to acquire real estate in Mexico are not aware that mortgages are available.

Traditional mortgages in Mexico have been offered for many years. The process is very similar to the requirements within the US or Canada.As with all countries there are some differences in the loan process, which is to be expected.One of Cross Border Investment’s primary functions is to help merge the mortgages processes of Mexico with their foreign clients expectations.In general Mortgages are available for Canadian, US citizens as well as for Mexican residents.

The loans are issued by a bank within Mexico that accepts foreign borrowers.A mortgage broker in Mexico provides similar services to what you would expect north of the border. In Mexico, the mortgage broker is involved in the entire process, from pre-approval, to obtaining the deed, and beyond. Cross Border Investment has agreements with nine different lenders, offering virtually all the mortgages available for the purchase of a Mexican property.

“At Cross Border Investment, we take the time and effort to match our client’s requirements, with the best loan conditions available according to the client’s specific qualifications.”- Josh Rappaport Cross Border Investment. Cross Border Investment offers all the presently available mortgages.

They have excellent relationships with the banks and can successfully provide outstanding results and service!As per the loan conditions, most clients qualify for interest rates between of 8.5-10.75%; the mortgage term is also up to 20 years, and there are no prepayment penalties.

Special Note: These interest rates are subject to change, so make sure you get the latest up to date mortgage rates and information directly from Cross Border Investment. The Mexican banks review the client’s qualifications based on income versus debt as well as the individuals credit history as it is in the US and Canada.

We invite you to click on the link below in order to fill in the pre-qualification format By filling out the pre-qualification form, we will better understand your specific situation.Once we are clear on your requirements we can provide you with the best available options.