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Hot Spot for Surfers

Sayulita is quickly becoming a preferred destination for those looking for an authentic Mexican lifestyle in the Banderas Bay area. This fishing village is graced by some of the best breaking waves on the Pacific coast of Mexico, making it a hot spot for surfers to test their skills. Surf schools welcome everyone from beginners to experts, and the white sandy beaches are just as much of a draw as the crystal clear waters.

Vibrant and relaxed environment

Many retirees have made their second homes in Sayulita, and over the years, this laid-back town has become quite cosmopolitan in its own right. Travelers find a great variety of restaurants, stores, galleries, and shops, and form a love affair with the beautiful and vibrant environment.

Whale Watching

During the winter months, whale-watching becomes a favorite activity in Sayulita. From November to March, the playful mammals go about their seasonal migration and have always found the cool waters of the bay the best environment to deliver their offspring. You can’t blame them; this is one of the best places in the world to come to life.

“Best Kept Secret in Riviera Nayarit”

San Pancho is one of the best kept-secrets of Riviera Nayarit in the sense that it’s still quite undeveloped, and due to its small size, not many more allotments can be sold. In contrast with some other towns in the bay, prices here will keep rising steadily for many years to come, making it an attractive option for investors who desire opportunities to create great returns on their properties.

Relaxed Pace and Friendly Vibe

If you’re into a more relaxed pace, love long strolls on the beach, and enjoy a friendly town vibe, David Pullen Properties can help you find just the right home for you in San Pancho or Sayulita. As many have moved here to never look back, there’s a tight-knit community of expats from all across the globe who share a passion for the waves and a love of Mexico traditions and character. Are you ready to become one of them? Contact David Pullen Properties today and let us help you get started on the process.