Home to the beautiful city of Puerto Vallarta, Banderas Bay is an oceanic wonder with a mysterious name.  It’s wondrous, because it intersects the most biologically-diverse body of water in the world, the Sea of Cortez, with the Pacific, which is the largest and deepest ocean of all.  And, Banderas Bay is itself one of the biggest, deepest, and most beautiful bays in the world.  But, why was this magnificent part of the ocean named “The Bay of Flags”?

The name Banderas Bay is half Spanish and half English – bandera means flag.  The full Spanish name is Bahía de Banderas, which means Bay of Flags in English.  Hopefully, that wasn’t too complicated.  So, now that you have the bay’s multiple name variations straight, why was it called that in the first place?  Read on to uncover the history behind the mysterious name and to learn some interesting facts about this grand bay that hosts Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

History behind naming Banderas Bay

Bahia de Banderas got its name from what Spanish explorers encountered in this region.  But to begin, these explorers were first drawn to this area by legends of abundant gold and of female warriors who were ruling this beautiful land.  And apparently, the natives greeted the arriving Spaniards covered with colorful plumage.  Also, various sources state that these initial encounters were friendly.

According to Spanish scribes, in the year 1525, there was a violent encounter.  As documented by historian Juan Manuel Gomez Encarnación, when the explorers arrived under the command of Francisco Cortés, the young nephew of Hernan Cortés, the natives came out to battle.  And, they carried flags made from colorful feathers, similar to the plumage worn during previous visits.  But this time, they were armed with quivers filled with arrows, ready to defend their land.

Of course, the Spanish conquistadors were provoked by this encounter, so they were obliged to fight.  Then, they won the battle and took control of the land for the King of Spain.

The many wonders of Banderas Bay

First, Banderas Bay doesn’t just appear to be beautiful.  It’s actually officially beautiful, according to UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).  Also, the coastline is a a beach-lovers mecca.  And, from December through April, observers get to see the splendor and grace of humpback whales searching for peaceful locations to give birth.   Finally, sea turtles spring to life on the sea and on the beach, from July through December.

Of course, there’s more, much more, to this spectacular location.  From the Sea of Cortez to the booming port city or Puerto Vallarta, Banderas Bay is a MUST SEE destination.  So, to read about the many wonders of Banderas Bay, check out: Bahía de Banderas: Discover Puerto Vallarta’s magnificent bay of flags.

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