fishing in puerto vallarta_world record largest tunaIf visitors, home buyers or residents are serious about fishing in Puerto Vallarta, there is definitely superb companies in the destination. At David Pullen Properties, we recommend some of the most reputable and most established charter companies for fishing in Puerto Vallarta. If you’re new to fishing or much more experienced, this is one of the best things to do given the warm waters of Banderas Bay.

The recommendations we make offer fishing boats in excellent condition and provide private fishing charters of either 4 hours or 8 hours to choose from. Catching a big tuna or marlin is one of the most popular things to do and fishing in Puerto Vallarta tops the list!

Most people only have the opportunity to go deep-sea fishing once-in-a-lifetime or sometimes, twice or more if they are passionate about it. Most people often travel thousands of miles to do so and come to Puerto Vallarta, known as a haven for marlin and big tuna. Expats and home owners rave about the activity in Puerto Vallarta and one of the likely reasons they are residents in the city.

When you charter a fishing boat, it is crucial that everything goes according to plan. Fishing in Puerto Vallarta  and the subsequent enjoyment of the activity is of paramount importance to all. Therefore, we try our best to make sure that the opportunity to catch “the big one” is possible as our team of real estate experts all know who to recommend!

Fishing in Puerto Vallarta offers superb catch rates, but also the charter companies we work with promote the conservation of sport fishing. On board their comfortable boats, equipped with all of the most modern fishing gear and equipment along with a professional captain and crew, guests know that they are in great hands. Critically, the professional crews know the waters of Banderas Bay and surrounding areas helping guarantee a great day of fishing in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

Fishing in Puerto Vallarta is by far and away, one of the lifestyle experiences when residing in the destination.