It’s time to visit Los Arcos Puerto Vallarta, the beautiful granite islands that protrude up through the surface of the sea. These awe-inspiring arched capes adorn the southern part of Puerta Vallarta from Banderas Bay. There, discover Los Arcos Marine Park, where you’ll find some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving in Mexico. Or, just relax above-water on a charter boat to experience Los Arcos up close. If you decide to jump in, you may swim anywhere around these islands. And, your boat can pass right through the arches. Finally, if you’re adventurous enough, cliff climbing is one way to experience a unique view that only the brave can enjoy.

Los Arcos Puerto Vallarta archipelago is a protected National Marine Park, established in 1984. Interestingly, it’s located between two beaches, Mismaloya beach and Las Gemelas beach. So, there’s multiple locations nearby to view these exquisite granite formations. Within this beautiful park, you’ll find caves, deep tunnels, arches and a spectacular reef to view underwater. Also, this magical location is a sanctuary for numerous seabird species that breed there, many of which include penguins, parrots, pelicans and other sea and land birds.

Los Arcos Puerto Vallarta underwater

Just like its abundance of life above water, marine life biodiversity in the sea around Los Arcos Puerto Vallarta is also considerable. For example, you’ll see different species of colorful exotic fish, humpback whales, dolphins, giant manta rays, octopus, lobsters, turtles, stingrays, moray eels, and pufferfish, along with other beautiful marine life. And, the water is usually very clear, so visibility underwater is excellent – you can see a great distance as you gaze into the deep. Whether you choose to snorkel or scuba dive, Los Arcos Puerto Vallarta comes alive underwater.

Scuba diving around the Los Arcos area

The average depth in this region of Banderas Bay ranges from 27 to 120 feet, with an average visibility of 50 feet. And, if you are a beginner, check out the area known as “The Aquarium.” It has a maximum depth of 30 feet and is great for observing exotic tropical fish and sea horses. Then, if you’re a novice diver, try “La Pared”, which is deeper. And, dive at “Bajo de Cristo”, which is a beautiful reef to explore. Finally, if you’re an experienced diver, the “Canyon of the Devil,” which is the deepest point of Los Arcos, is a MUST SEE!

Evening sessions are also an exciting option for divers of all skill levels. They are organized by most charter-boat companies located in Marina de Vallarta and Los Muertos beach pier. Also, some of these charter boats offer round-trip transportation to several Puerto Vallarta hotels. The typical cost for equipment rentals for one or two tanks is around 2000 pesos, which is just over $100 dollars at today’s rate. But, keep in mind that charter boats are quite a bit more.

Snorkeling at Los Arcos Puerto Vallarta

Just as with diving, there are many snorkeling tours available that last around three hours. One tip is to choose a smaller boat for a more private experience. And, most charter tours include equipment, vests, drinks and snacks. Also, be prepared for festivity. Many of the charter boats to Los Arcos Puerto Vallarta include free alcoholic drinks, included in the price for the voyage, and loud music. So, keep this in mind, since drinking and swimming is a bad idea.

If you want to take photos underwater, you don’t need to invest in expensive equipment. Just purchase a water-proof case for your phone. That works great!

Safety should always be number one. So, never remove your life jacket. This is because distances can be misinterpreted and currents are dangerous, no matter how well you swim. Also, be sure to take a Dramamine pill before boarding, so you don’t get sea sick. If you get sick, you’ll most likely stay sick the entire trip since the motion never ends while you’re out at sea. Most importantly, don’t disturb the ecosystem. And, use eco-friendly sunscreen – normal sunscreen is forbidden around Los Arcos Puerto Vallarta.

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