Welcome to Mezzogiorno located in Bucerias, the quaint little fishing town in Riviera Nayarit, just north of Puerto Vallarta.  First opened in 2006, Mezzogiorno is truly exceptional.  There, enjoy the best authentic Italian cuisine in the region overlooking the great Banderas Bay.  The quality of the food, the ambiance and the reasonable prices ensure a splendid dining experience for you and your family.

As a Beach Bar and Ristorante Italiano, Mezzogiorno knows how to satisfy your appetite and all of your senses.  So, indulge yourself with great Italian cuisine while relaxing inside the well-designed dining-room interior.  Or better yet, take in the spectacular ocean views out on the pallapa-covered terrace for a dining experience you’ll never forget.  Finally, walk down to the wooden deck on the beach to get close to the waves!  Now, read on to uncover the story behind this magnificent restaurant.  Then, learn about their amazing menu.

Chef Sidney Lecther & co-owner Enrique Cremaschi

Previously, Sidney Lechter owned seven restaurants in Los Angeles, California and Park City, Utah.  Back then, he used to visit Puerto Vallarta on vacation.  Then one day, Sidney had the idea to open a restaurant in Vallarta.  So, he convinced Enrique, who lived in Buenos Aires at the time, to open a restaurant there.

MezzoLuna – their first restaurant

To convince Enrique, Sidney argued that he wanted “somewhere really warm, both in climate and in spirit.”  So after Sidney persuaded Enrique to visit Vallarta,  Enrique immediately fell in love with the region.  Therefore, the two of them launched Mezzoluna in Downtown Puerto Vallarta, back in 2000.  Also, they purchased a beach house in the peaceful small town of Bucerias.

Mezzogiorno – a little closer to home

After operating MezzoLuna for a while, their commute became hectic while travelling between Bucerias and Puerto Vallarta, sometimes more than once per day.  So, they decided to design and transform their beach home into an Italian restaurant.  Sidney Lechter has a design background, so he used his skills to convert their beach house into an elegant eatery.  Then, they named it Mezzogiorno and opened it for business in 2006.

A complementary partnership

Their business partnership has worked out advantageously, since they complement each other very well.  To explain, Chef Sidney handles the kitchen and Enrique does “everything else,” including being the on-site wine expert.  So, now that Mezzogiorno has been in business well over a decade, they’ve truly succeeded.  And, their customer reviews confirm this.  As an example, Steve P. wrote “This is our favorite place in Bucerias.  It is right on the beach and the views are great. Has nice décor and brick arches that makes for the perfect photo!”

Their fantastic menu

Start with an insalate (Italian) – ensalada (Spanish), which both mean salad. Whether you enjoy Cesar salad, mixed greens with great toppings, or mixed greens with grilled chicken and great toppings, your meal will begin with a taste-thrill.  Also, try the delicious appetizers like Pane al’aglio, which is roasted garlic bread with gorgonzola cheese.

The Mezzogiorno entrees

Despite the well-designed restaurant conversion, the picturesque setting and the awe-inspiring views of Banderas Bay, the Mezzogiorno dinner menu stands above all else.  To elaborate, the entrees truly impress those with refined palates.  First, the pasta steals the show, with elevated staples like carbonara, fettuccini salmone, lasagna, and gnocchi.  Then, there’s black fettuccine topped with shrimp, scallops, and fish, which is absolutely delicious.  And there’s more!

Named after the chef, Ravioli Lecther is a cheese ravioli with either fresh or sun-dried tomatoes, cilantro, garlic, black olives, and goat cheese, all covered by a delicate citrus-olive-oil sauce.  Or, try strips of beef sauteed in cognac, with portobello mushrooms and creamy sauce, all served with fettuccini.  From seafood, to beef and grilled chicken, you’re main course will leave you satisfied.

Click <HERE> to view their menu online.

When you’re ready for dessert, try something like this:

mezzogiorno dessert

Mezzogiorno sits on the beautiful Banderas Bay

Banderas Bay (Bahía de Banderas in Spanish) doesn’t just appear to be beautiful.  It’s officially beautiful, according to UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).  Its grand size and deep blue waters are captivating.  And, from December through April, visitors can see the grace and splendor of humpback whales in search of peaceful locations to give birth.   Then, sea turtles spring to life on the sea and on the beach, from July through December.  Enjoy watching them waddle from the beach to the sea.

Of course, there’s more to this beautiful location.  From the Sea of Cortez to the booming port city or Puerto Vallarta, Banderas Bay is a MUST SEE destination.  So, read about the many wonders of Banderas Bay in Bahía de Banderas: Discover Puerto Vallarta’s magnificent bay of flags.

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