Vallarta Botanical Gardens_logoThe Vallarta Botanical Gardens experience has a vision, which is to create Mexico´s foremost botanical garden for the propagation, study, discovery, conservation, and display of Mexican native plants for the enjoyment of Puerto Vallarta´s residents and visitors. This amazing activity will surpass all expectations. It is one of the “must-do attractions” in Puerto Vallarta today.

The creation of Vallarta Botanical Gardens has provided an unprecedented opportunity for residents and tourists alike to share the wonder of the vast diversity of Mexico’s plant species with the world. The Vallarta Botanical Gardens tour has been an assembled “botanical collection” in a safe environment with viewing trails. Today, it is already the most-visited public collection of orchids in the country of Mexico.

More orchid species are found in Jalisco than in any other Mexican state. A current goal of the Vallarta Botanical Gardens is to share the creation of the National Collection of Mexican Orchids with guests. Currently on showcase, the Vallarta Botanical Gardens offers the most complete collection of Mexican orchids anywhere in the country. Donations allowed the construction in 2009 of a micro-propagation lab for endangered orchid species.

Mr. Robert Price and his mother Betty founded the Vallarta Botanical Gardens in 2004 after realizing the need for conservation and environmental awareness in the area. Bob was specifically concerned with the numbers of orchids that poachers were taking from the nearby jungles to sell commercially.

He envisioned a place where orchids could be propagated and displayed without depleting the local populations. The Vallarta Botanical Gardens officially opened to the public in 2005 and has been flourishing ever since. Professional guides and tours are now offered to the general public and it is ranked as a 5-star experience for residents and visitors in Puerto Vallarta.

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