So why should you invest in Puerto Vallarta Real Estate?
Well, if you are looking for exceptional real estate opportunities coupled with a safe lifestyle and unique culture you can only dream of, at half the cost of your present city, then why shouldn’t you?

Puerto Vallarta is a scenic Mexican town located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. A vibrant nightlife, ever-growing community of expatriates, year-round water sports and a subtropical climate are just a few of the many characteristics that make Puerto Vallarta unforgettable.

People come in throngs from far and wide to taste the many delicacies of this region and enjoy the unique charm and amenities that Puerto Vallarta has to offer our foreign guests.
People visiting the area are also interested in seeing various landmarks, such as the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the beach’s, adventure tours, the Malecon, Mercado Municipal Cuale / Isle Cuale and the friendly Farmers Market which are held each Saturday morning during the high season.

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of foreign buyers who are investing in and purchasing real estate and residential properties in the region.

While some of these are wealthy people who can afford to have an overseas luxury home for their frequent vacations when they wish to unwind and relax, there are also those who are on a budget, who wish to retire in this tropical paradise, where they can spend their time enjoying the weather, culture, culinary delights and lifestyle that Puerto Vallarta offers.

If you fall into either of the two categories mentioned above, or if you are just keen on moving to Puerto Vallarta, you should consider investing in luxury or budget real estate in the region.
Puerto Vallarta offers a huge array of properties for either the luxury purchaser or the buyer that is price conscious.

For some years, Puerto Vallarta`s real estate market slowed down due to the financial crisis in the United States and general safety concerns about Mexico.

If you were fortunate to be a purchaser during this period, you would have had the opportunity of taking advantage of the staggering decreases in real estate prices.

As a result of these price decreases, today’s buyers especially within the luxury home category have the opportunity of purchasing properties in some cases below replacement value.

Fortunately, Puerto Vallarta`s market has begun to stabilize, and we again see an increase in sales and new developments in the area.

This real estate “traction” is a result of many factors, such as Puerto Vallarta being one of the safest vacation locations in the world, offering a relatively incomparable lifestyle that most people could not afford in the US or Canada.

Interestingly enough, when you compare the cost of living in Puerto Vallarta versus most US or Canadian cities, you will note that it costs you far less to live in Puerto Vallarta, and the quality of life is so much better. When running the cost of living numbers, Puerto Vallarta, in general, costs about 50% less to live in than most cities in the US and Canada.

But from the investor point of view, the US and Canadian purchasers have finally recognized the incomparable pricing of properties and opportunities that are now available to them in Puerto Vallarta.

If you have the financial capacity and are looking to acquire a vacation home or condo it just may be your opportunity to take advantage of the present Puerto Vallarta real estate market as it has no other way to go, but up!