Chef Joel Ornelas’ culinary artistry sets this restaurant apart

Discover Tintoque, the restaurant where local Banderas-Bay recipes get re-imagined by Puerto Vallarta’s renowned Chef Joel Ornelas. On the inside, it presents a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere. It, also, provides an ideal selection for those who enjoy gourmet cuisine that elevates local ingredients and flavors to a higher level. So, make your reservation soon and enjoy the laid-back luxury and innovative menu Tintoque has to offer.

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Tintoque was the original name of Punta Mita, a small fishing village hundreds of years ago. Now, it’s the name of a Michelin-star gourmet restaurant, Tintoque. There, find fresh local fish such as tuna, mahi-mahi, and red snapper, along with other fresh local seafood that become the centerpieces of each elegant plating. So, read more to discover how you, the diner, will experience the enjoyment of a pleasant moment of harmony with all your senses.

Get to know Tintoque’s “Creative Menu”

At Tintoque, while various seafood favorites are always featured, the “Creative Menu” offers specials that change daily. To elaborate, these specials are based on the availability of unique, local, fresh ingredients.

Chef Ornelas takes his planning very seriously. And, as you can see, each dish portrays an exquisite artful elegance that only a Michelin-star chef can achieve. Below are some of his unique dishes:

Gourmet Restaurant Tintoque in Marina Vallarta is near downtown Puerto Vallarta

Creative Menu changes daily [Images from]

These dishes are just a sample of what to expect at Tintoque restaurant (see images above):
1) Pumpkin and Squid Salad with carrot puree mixed with curry and sesame vinaigrette.
2) Pumpkin Gazpacho with callo, mango and tuna.
3) Sirloin steak with a red wine and raspberry reduction
4) Pork Puff with tomatillo infusion and onion puree with pasilla chili reduction.
5) Coconut Sorbet with ratilette gelatin and coconut meringues.

Attention to quality and creativity extends to the drink menu

To complement your dining experience, the Tintoque’s bar features innovative cocktails that contain Mexican heritage. For example, many of the spirits are based on raicilla, which is Mexican “moon-shine” distilled from fermented agave, like Tequila. Also, there are other regional spirits to choose from. Then, some interesting adult beverages include tuba and tejuino, an artisan beer made from corn kernels that have been germinated, ground, cooked, and fermented. And, enjoy a selection of fine Mexican wines. So, whatever you order, you’ll enjoy a hand-crafted drink that has real Mexican heritage behind it.

About Chef Joel Ornelas

Originally from Puerto Vallarta, Chef Ornelas began his career as an apprentice in renowned local restaurants, such as Le Bistro and Café des Artistes. Then, he studied gastronomy and honed his skills at several international and Mediterranean cuisine restaurants in Guadalajara. After that, he moved to London to work for the famous Michelin-star Spanish restaurant Cambio de Tercio. Finally, his education came to fruition at the three-Michelin-star Martín Berasategui Restaurant in San Sebastián, Spain.

Finally a chef, he served as Creative Chef for the restaurant Pangea, own by the celebrated Mexican chef Guillermo González Beristáin in Monterrey, which is the largest and most affluent city in Nuevo León, Mexico. This gave him the needed experience to open a world-renowned restaurant of his own. And, that’s exactly what he did.

At Tintoque, Chef Ornelas offers a unique culinary experience by combining advanced techniques and with his own personal style. To explain, he contrasts textures with acidic and spicy elements that are beautifully presented. Then, he designs his dishes using the freshest and highest-quality ingredients found at local markets and regional organic farms.

Where is Tintoque located?

Tintoque is located within Plaza Neptuno, a shopping mall at the entrance of Marina Vallarta; one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in the area. There you’ll find some of the best restaurants in all of Puerto Vallarta. Also, its proximity to Puerto Vallarta International Airport and Hotel Zone make Tintoque Puerto Vallarta very easy to find. Likewise, the iconic public sculpture “The Whale and its Calf” by artist Octavio González Gutiérrez is just steps away from the restaurant.

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