Mexico, “Latin America’s New Power House.”

Many people’s view of Mexico is the idea that in order to find success Mexican citizens hope to one day cross the border and live the “American Dream.” While this rang true for a long time, since the 2012 Mexican national election, Mexico is seeing a shift in their economy and in the number of new migrants of their own. BlackRock CEO Larry Fink wrote that the country’s is “an incredible growth story” and Adam Thompson of the Financial Times labels the nation the “Aztec Tiger” as Mexico secures the title as Latin America’s new economic powerhouse. More than ever before, Northerners are immigrating to Mexico to benefit from the many opportunities in real estate value and quality of living. In July 2014 it was estimated that Mexico would override Japan in holding the 10th spot in worldwide population; Europeans, Americans, and Canadians are taking notice that Mexico is the new land of opportunity. For instance, historic laws regulating Mexico’s Energy reform are bringing large investment and job opportunities to the public as well as lowering the already low cost of living. With the implementation of an inclusive government, increased education and training in the young Mexican workforce, and focus on making Mexico a safer place to travel and live, Mexico’s beautiful coasts boast both financial and lifestyle benefits to those looking to relocate to or invest in the next big thing.

Puerto Vallarta, Retirees, Travelers and Investors.

Puerto Vallarta, located in Mexico’s state of Jalisco on the west coast of the country, offers everything retirees, travelers, and property investors could hope for in one location. The city of Puerto Vallarta holds on to its historic roots of being a small fishing village, yet it is a cosmopolitan city that boasts beautiful beaches, exciting nightlife, state of the art dining opportunities, and a large art and cultural scene. Situated in the “Bahia de Banderas” or “Bay of Flags,” the city has the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Sierra Madre mountains to the east, offering a wide range of activities and sites for lovers of land or sea. The semi-tropical climate of Puerto Vallarta offers average temperatures between the 80’s and 90’s making it an ideal location for sun lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. With the beautiful, bright weather year round, Puerto Vallarta offers recreational activities that reflect interests and lifestyle of all ages. There are a multitude of golf and tennis courts, endless miles of luxurious golden sand beaches, water activities like fishing, kayaking, jet skiing, boating, whale watching and more. Also, upscale shopping centers, art galleries, and fine dining, offer a blend of cultural tradition with a luxury lifestyle at a much lower price than European or North American coastal towns.

Puerto Vallarta, “A Dreamland of Opportunity.”

Buying property or land in Mexico has proven to be a beneficial financial investment to buyers. With the American real estate market crashing in 2008, the U.S. still suffers, as there is a lack of faith in the economy and prices continue to rise or stay stagnant. However, Mexico’s real estate costs continue to be low, and due to population and development growth estimated in the coming years, the real estate payouts promise to be big. Puerto Vallarta continues to be listed as one of the safest places for international visitors worldwide; in comparison to the U.S., Mexico sees one crime committed for every eight crimes committed in the States. Puerto Vallarta specifically has incredibly low crime rates and a skilled police force that regulate measures as they ensure their residents and travelers are among the safest in Mexico. Retirees and those relocating can’t help but take notice of the security of a laid-back lifestyle and safe beach town. With the luxury of having more land, a beautiful and comfortable climate, and exceptional sites and culture for far less cost of living, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is a dreamland of opportunity and activities for all ages. For the lucky ones who are on the cusp of investing in one of the greatest locations in the world, now is the time to act to be a part of the next big thing.

Article by David Pullen – November 11th, 2014
Broker at David Pullen Properties, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico.
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