Are you interested in a great Puerto Vallarta fishing adventure?  If so, you’ve come to the right place.  Banderas Bay, where Puerto Vallarta is situated, is teaming with sea life.  In fact, some of the best fishing in the world is right there.  And, you don’t need to be an experienced angler to catch big fish.  You just need a good charter boat captain who’s won some competitions, proving that they know what they’re doing.

The big question is: what can I catch in Banderas Bay?  So, read on to get a great answer to that question.  Then, contact David Pullen Properties to get a reliable recommendation.

Big fish – and small ones too

The fantastic climate and warm waters in Banderas Bay make this region of the Pacific a favorite in Mexico for deep-sea fishing.  And, Puerto Vallarta fishing charter services are scattered all along the coast.  Also, some offer overnight trips that include meals and sleeping accommodations.

Puerto Vallarta’s location along Banderas Bay provides quite an exciting place to sport fish.  There, you’ll find various types of marlin, sailfish, Pacific red snapper, white sea bass, mahi-mahi, and the illusive roosterfish, just to name a few.  Below, see the most popular species and some tips on how to catch them.

Various types of marlin

One of the biggest lours for Puerto Vallarta fishing is the marlin.  Catch them from mid-April to mid-June.  They are the most sought-after species of fish in Banderas Bay.  The two most common species are blue marlin, striped marlin and black marlin.

Based on migration patterns, most marlin captains don’t venture very far out to sea.  So, they typically prefer to fish almost exclusively within Banderas Bay, near the coastline.  And, marlin are definitely the most exciting types of fish to hook on your line.

Sailfish – “Pez Vela”

To catch sailfish, use live bait or lures while slow trolling.  Or, if you see one on the surface cast live bait in front of them.  Although you can catch a sailfish all-year-round in Banderas Bay, you’re more likely to catch them from July through November.

Mahi mahi – “Dorado”

These incredible fish sometimes grow up to 20 pounds within their first year of life!

Mahi mahi are quite aggressive and they take live bait, trolled lures and flies.  These fish fight hard when you hook them and they’re acrobatic.  And, they are considered the “Fisherman’s’ fish” in Banderas Bay and up into the Sea of Cortez.

Pro Tip: When you cast out your line, make sure you give the fish some time to inhale the bait.  Then, wait three seconds before you tug and set the hook.  Once you have them, be sure to keep tension on your fishing line until they are landed securely on the boat.

Mahi mahi can be seen as early as May.  But, many of the big ones come in and start biting after the sea temperature rises in the summer.  So, the best time to catch a larger mahi mahi is from June to October.

Roosterfish – “Pez gallo”

These fish are considered to be the lions of the sea.  As such, they prowl, attack, and eat those happy-go-lucky, wide-eyed colorful fish, like those featured in cartoon movies – yummy!  Of course, they also go after lures, flies and bait!

Roosterfish are named for their comb-like dorsal fins, which they can raise and lower depending on their level of threat.  And, they certainly provide anglers with quite a challenge.  So, if you catch one, you’ll feel a great sense of satisfaction.

Pro tip: The best way to catch Roosterfish is to cast live bait over the sandy bottoms in shallow water.  Roosterfish typically start biting in late May.  And, you can catch them until the end of June.

Pacific red snapper – “Pargo”

Being bottom fish, they’ll take bait, lure and fly.  They’ll escape into the rocks and wait you out if you aren’t diligent.

Pacific red snapper will hit when you’re fishing deep, just above the rocks.  They range in size from three to twenty pounds, but can sometimes reach over 50 pounds.  And, while they can be caught all-year-round, the best time to catch Pacific red snapper is April through July.

Triggerfish – “Cochito bota”

Aggressive, yet fairly easy to catch, Triggerfish come in a variety of colors.  And, being coral and rock eaters, they boast some serious sharp teeth.  So, stay away from the business end of these finger-biting fish.

Triggerfish can be hooked throughout the year when you’re fishing with live bait.

Choosing the right Puerto Vallarta fishing charter

The first thing to keep in mind is this:  The captain is the most important part of picking the right charter.  So, it’s not about the boat.  To explain, big boats do provide more accommodations, which you may be looking for.  But, a good boat captain provides your best overall experience.  Therefore, while you’re floating on the ocean, learning great fishing techniques while catching giant fish, the size of the boat that you’re on just doesn’t matter, as long as it floats – well, maybe it does matter a little…

To learn more about how to pick the right Puerto Vallarta fishing charter, check out Fishing charters in Puerto Vallarta: No fishing experience needed!

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